Announcements - Recent


17.07.26_Infill Soil Sampling Update at Yandal West
17.07.13_Infill Soil Sampling to Commence at Yandal West
17.07.05_Soils Identify 9 km Gold Trend at Yandal West
17.07.03_Exciting Copper Target at Chisel
17.06.12_Yandal West Update
17.06.09_Sandfire JV Settlement Completed
17.06.02_Appendix 3Y - Change of Directors Interest
17.05.31_Appointment of Rimas Kairaitis and Resignation of Ian Kerr
17.05.31_Appendix 3X and Appendix 3Z
17.05.25_Results of General Meeting
17.05.17_Soil Sampling Commenced at Yandal West
17.05.09_Yandal West Update
17.05.03_Yerrida Cobalt Update

17.04.27_Quarterly Activities Report - March 2017

17.04.12_Sandfire Resources Farms into North Yerrida
17.04.10_6 km Gold Trend Identified at Yandal West

17.03.29_High Grade Gold at Ives

17.03.16_Half Yearly Report Accounts

17.02.17_Appendix 3B 100 & Acquistion of Vanguard
17.01.31_Ives Drilling Update
17.01.30_Quarterly Financial Report - December 2016
17.01.30_Quarterly Activities Report - December 2016
17.01.19_Drilling Commenced at Ives Find
17.01.16_Ives Drilling Update
17.01.09_Appendix 3B
17.01.05_Completion of Vanguard Acquisition
16.12.15_Vanguard Update and Capital Raising
16.12.15_Appendix 3Y
16.12.15_Appendix 3Y
16.12.15_Appendix 3Y
16.12.15_Appendix 3Y
16.12.02_Appendix 3Z
16.12.02_Appendix 3X
16.11.30_Results of AGM
16.11.25_Appendix 3B
16.11.22_Supplementary Prospectus
16.11.18_Harris Find Acquisition
16.11.16_Trading Halt
16.10.31_Quarterly Activities Report
16.10.31_Quarterly Financial Report
16.10.28_Notice of AGM
16.10.26_Shareholders Approve Vanguard Acquisition
16.10.19_Vanguard Prospectus
16.10.14_Vanguard Directors and Substantial Shareholders sign SPA
16.09.27_Appendix 4G 2016
16.09.27_Annual Report 2016
16.09.27_Notice of Meeting (including IER and Valmin reports)
16.09.16_Vanguard Acquistion Update
16.08.05_Change in Substantial Holding
16.07.29_Quarterly Activities Report
16.07.29_Quarterly Cash Flow Report
16.07.25_Vanguard Acquisition Update
16.06.07_Change of Contact Details
16.05.19_Response to Appendix 5B Query
16.04.26_Quarterly Activities Report
16.04.26_Quarterly Cash flow Report 
16.04.12_Potential Gold Acquisition
16.02.05_Chisel Drilling Update
16.01.29_Quarterly Activities Report
16.01.19_Chisel Drilling Update
15.12.16_Drilling Underway at Chisel
15.11.16_Results of AGM
15.11.09_Monty Style Mineralisation Identified at Chisel
15.10.30_Quarterly Activities Report
15.10.30_Quarterly Cash Flow Report
15.10.30_Notice of AGM/Proxy Form
15.10.02_ASX Appendix 4G
15.09.30_Results of General Meeting
15.09.30_Annual Report 2015
15.08.28_Notice of General Meeting
15.08.24_Resignation/Appointment Company Secretary
15.08.15_Reponse to Appendix 5B Query
15.07.31_Quarterly Cash flow Report
15.07.31_Quarterly Activities Report
15.06.12_Notice under Section 708A
15.06.12_Change of Share Registry Address
15.06.09_Appendix 3B
15.06.05_Share Placement
15.06.01_Change of Registered Office
15.05.20_Response to ASX Appendix 5B Query
15.04.30_Quarterly Cashflow Report
15.04.30_Quarterly Activities Report
15.03.16_Half Year Accounts
15.03.16_Proposed Issue of Shares
15.02.24_New Ni Sulphide Prospect at Yerrida
15.02.18_Form 603
15.02.18_Appendix 3Y
15.02.17_Appendix 3B
15.01.30_Quarterly Cashflow Report
15.01.30_Quarterly Activities Report
15.01.05_Closing Date for Rights Issue